Flood Season

by Fountains Of Youth

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The debut album from summer 2012.


released May 29, 2012

Produced by Paul Kuzbik and Ryan Andersen
Engineered and mixed by Ryan Andersen
Mastered by Rob Beaton



all rights reserved


Fountains Of Youth Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Somehow splitting the difference between each member's diverse musical background, including rock, blues, punk, jazz, soul, and roots, Fountains Of Youth create a sound that is at once modern and timeless.
With their tight grooves, swirling keys and huge guitars, Fountains Of Youth create an epic backdrop for powerful vocals and transcendent lyrics.
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Track Name: Sometimes
Sometimes I wonder
what it’s like just to hear
And only listen
remove the past from in my ears
Just like how I used to
man it’s already been 3 years
Since all this started
never thought that I’d be here

I’ve been pushing my luck
having such a good time
Living with my reasons
but I still got the rhyme

Sometimes I blunder
but I find my way back just in time
That’s how I like it
always walking on the line
Some people, people worry
but I tell them that I’m doing alright
Oh this life I choose
Yeah this life of mine

I’ve been pushing my luck
having such a good time
Still loving every season
cuz I still got the rhyme
Track Name: Owner Of This Heart
A bee’s composure fast in flight
I won’t go seeking
I’ll shine a beacon light
Fly through the fire
through the snow
Break yourself to save your soul

You are the owner of this heart

Ever-changing, you said to stay
Begins death’s cycle
come on put it away
Fly through the fire
through the snow
Into the darkness, greet the unknown

You are the owner of this heart
Believe me
Track Name: Fix Myself
The things we left behind
we are never getting back
But in their place
we have knowledge we once lacked
Oh the love that you lose
like water dripping down and away
You wished it away
and it died today

I’m bad luck
I can’t shake it yet
I fix myself
just to be broken again
I go all the way
or I don’t go at all
Is it my saving grace
or is it my downfall?

The things I learn in one day
unravel me all the way
When I wake up I’m never sure
if I can apply what I knew before
Track Name: Along These Lines
Life’s a mystery
I’m a detective
Take what you will
but nothing for granted
Every clue’s got a
piece of you yeah
You put the mystery
in everything I do

But I don’t want to waste another
minute being lonely
I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna
take it anymore cuz...

I don’t even want it if it’s
gotta be along these lines
I’m just gonna wait it out
until it really is my time
I’m gonna open up my heart
to everything that’s on the inside
And I don’t want to hear it if it
sounds like a good bye
Good bye

We built a garden
and we gave it love
You never know
what’s coming up
Future’s uncertain
for me and you
We were solid as a statue
now I’m losing you

Nothing has changed but everything
To everything I’m open wide
Track Name: White Moth
I know this will do no good
and I would stay away from if I could
We build walls around us that were made to fall
but in the dark it’s you who is so tall

I just run to your light
Oh it makes me blind
but in the darkness of the night
it’s all I want to see
and it’s killing me

White moth

I see your shadow through the fog
then just when I get close enough you’re gone
Memories as far as I can see
cuz trying to forget just reminds me

All these stones cast off my shore
Always thinking that there would be more
When everything that’s infront of me
Was all I'd need to be free
Track Name: Flood Season
Black top bridge across a sunken field
There’s trees in the water
and I’m chasing what I used to feel
Driving south out on the interstate
The sun’s going down
but I’m going late
Cuz I gotta know, where did it go?

Flood season’s raging
Life is changing
The world feels different than
it did before
The Flow that pulls us
changed directions
So I guess it’s about time
to let go

Feel the attraction
This chemical reaction
The look in our eyes
just says it all

Thunder and wind make the tree tops bend
The moon feels like she’s my only friend
When did this start? How will it end?
Sunrise again and I haven’t slept
Promises made and secrets kept
Cuz I gotta know
Where do we go when...

Feel the attraction
This chemical reaction
The look in our eyes
just says it all
And we deserve it
Cuz love is service
And honor is it’s own reward
Track Name: When You're Alone
You’ve been looking for assets
and just-a-hopping the fences
Cursing pretences and fighting it out
Lively in small spaces
yeah you lived and you tasted
Get in everyone’s faces
and digging the sound

When you’re alone
do you hear my call?
When you’re alone
does your love stand tall?
When you’re alone
do you feel me there with you?
Cuz I do, I do.....

And it’s hard sometimes
with so many miles from a lover’s touch
Oh a kiss on your lips is what I miss
And I know there’s
medicine to ease the pain
But it just ain’t the same
Track Name: One In A Million
Are we under the same spell?
I can’t tell
by the light of this night
Play another song
One of freedom and the ocean
and the rising sun
Yeah that’s where I belong

Translating lens, backsliding
When I was there
you weren’t like this
You look half dead
What happened?
Your blackened tongue
is not so sharp

You were one
one in a million
You had ‘em kid
You were one
one in a million
You’d knock ‘em dead
Track Name: Back In The City
Swimming hard for the shore
with cold on my shoulders
from our silent war
Oh what a winter
the kind that makes the light dance
in your eyes

Back in the city
maybe we can make it last
even let go of the past

The country makes you
hard and cold
And happy to be alone
But inside us both
there’s still more tries
Cuz we’re exactly the same
you and I

Oh what a winter
the kind that makes the light dance
like the sun on the water
Track Name: The Veil
You’re wanted at dawn
by those you linger on
Go ahead and wake me
The carousel is here
make everything so clear
Go ahead and wake me

The night has turned into day
and none of us came here to stay
You had my back but tossed the key
and locked that door permanently

The sun ascends on night’s grey sky
just to dissolve the years gone by
Pull back the veil of reality
the days have turned on you and me

The blackness of your heart
I knew it from the start
Go ahead and wake me
The reckoner had his year
make everything disappear
Won’t let it break me no

Once lines get crossed
you can’t go back
Not in the same way
Track Name: January Blues
Unspeakable arcanum, words don’t do
the meaning of what I went through
The bleakest year we ever knew
Insulated by the love we grew

Am I your secret? Am I your plan?
See me beside you
Who would stand a chance?
You’re my good reason
Don’t just think that it means nothing
Dont you know? It is all that I am

In all that cold our songs came true
Inside the sound, living it now
They say something happened here
That January Blues don’t own this year
Track Name: Good Intentions
Don’t let my good intentions
bring you down
Don’t wait for me to change
I tried to make you understand
Held my belief so close
that it slipped away

Denying the truth of life
don’t change a thing
Now I can’t hide

My soul is in flames
We are only a question
a temporary state
Will we rise above this pain
or be hate bound til we destroy this place?

Don’t let my storm
bring you down
You’ll find your own shelter
Am I at peace or just running from anger?
If I jump will I fall
or will I fly?
Will I fly?